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Welcome and Overview

The Howard County Public School System's mathematics program is built upon the Maryland State Curriculum and Common Core State Standards for mathematics. The mathematics standards set a rigorous definition of college and career readiness by demanding that students develop a depth of understanding and ability to apply mathematics to real-life situations, as college students and employees regularly do.
female student writing math on chalkboard
female student writing math on chalkboard
In prekindergarten through grade 8 mathematics, the standards lay a solid foundation in whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals. Taken together, these elements support a student's ability to learn and apply more demanding mathematics concepts and procedures in middle and high school.

Math Team:

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Common Core Math resources for students and parents

Common Core State Standards Recources for Math
Common Core 6 (MSM I)
Common Core 6 (MSM II)
Common Core 7 (MSM II)
Common Core 7 (Pre-Algebra)
Common Core 8 (Pre-Algebra 8th grade; Pre-algebra grade 6 GT)
Common Core Algebra I

HSA Websites & Practice

HSA from mdk12 site What is the HSA? What does HSA test? What does HSA look like? Practice taking the HSA? All these plus many more topics are included.

HSAexam.org site Located here are all the assessments 2002 - 2007. They are available for download and have answer keys.

All years - mdk12.org Located here are all the assessments 2004 - 2009, mini assessments, print assessments, answer keys, goals, expectations and indicators assessed.

Pearson Access Online practice test